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Atlantic Beach Seafood Market   
Atlantic Beach NC


211-A Atlantic Beach Causeway

Atlantic Beach NC
"Locals Choice For Best Seafood"

-Locally owned and operated

-Over 50 years seafood experience

-Same day catch

-Best Quality Seafood

-Member of Carteret Catch Project

-Wide variety of seafood

Mon - Sat. 10am - 6pm

Sunday 10 -5

Atlantic Beach Seafood Market has the freshest seafood in Atlantic Beach, NC.
All seafood is caught the same day it is sold! Atlantic Beach Seafood
sells only seafood caught by carteret county fisherman. They have a
wide variety of seafood so, they are sure to have what you are
looking for.
Atlantic Beach Seafood is family owned and operated. They have
been in the seafood business for over 50 years! The staff of Atlantic
Beach Seafood is very knowledgeable and can answer any questions
you might have.
If you're cooking it here or taking it back home,
Atlantic Beach Seafood Market is the place to go.

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Six Most Common Ways to Prepare Fish and Seafood

Baking- There are two methods of baking, dry heat and
liquid. In dry heat baking, the fish is placed in a shallow
greased dish and seasoned with salt, pepper, breadcrumbs,
and brushed with oil or melted butter. In liquid baking, the
fish is cooked in liquid such as a marainade, wine, or sauce.

Steaming- Cooking a fish over, but not in, boiling water is
a favorite method of cooking.

Frying- In frying, the fish or seafood is immersed into hot
oil. When fried correctly, fish is neither greasy nor heavy.

Grilling- Grilling fish or seafood over charcoal or mesquite
wood from the southwest, has become one of the most
popular methods of preparing seafood beacause of the high
cooking temperatures, constant close attention must be
devoted to the seafood while it is on the fire.

Sauteing- Sauteing is done in a fry pan on top of stove with
butter, oil, and or other ingredients.

Poaching- Poaching is done by covering the fish with a cold
liquid such as court bouillon and finally bringing the liquid to
a simmer. This produces a moist juicy portion of fish that
goes well with elaborate sauces.

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Atlantic Beach NC has unique fresh seafood markets. Most of these fresh seafood markets are independently owned and operated. The fresh seafood markets in Atlantic Beach NC contain items that you will not be able to find anywhere else. During your visit to Atlantic Beach NC, be sure to visit these one-of-a-kind fresh seafood marketsFresh Seafood Markets in Atlantic Beach NC thrive on tourism. Be sure to visit locally owned and operated fresh seafood markets when you are in Atlantic Beach NC. Shop local Fresh Seafood Markets and keep small business alive and well in Atlantic Beach NC.

Atlantic Beach Seafood Market  Atlantic Beach NC